ECM Load Test Strategies Examined

RISK of ECM Project Failure Say “risk of ECM project failure” in a board room and you quickly discover that the most scary scenario is a performance related failure discovered after a go-live deployment to production, yet it happens all

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5 Paths to Lean Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Lean ECM is by no means a unique or revolutionary concept.  It is becoming, in my experience, the key to successful ECM deployment in large organizations.  We have all seen the sales pitch for ECM that promises “return on investment”

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TOP 10 “Breeze” Factors – How to Tell You May be Wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes

So, what are the top 10 signs your large ECM project is at risk? The phrase “They will do as they are told” enters the conversation about end users adopting the new ECM system. Let’s just duplicate the share drive security

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Ubiquity, the Next CMS Chasm

When I had the good fortune to be employed at Documentum, each employee was granted the ability to create their own folder structure, taxonomy, custom data (doc) type for descriptive data and set their own security on their documents within

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Security and Migrating from Share Drives and Paper to ECM – A Quick How-to Summary

How many times have I heard, from a CIO,  “We just want to use ECM as a bucket to move our content files off the share drives and desktops and we will figure the security and other stuff later”?  Or

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Search VS Folders – When and Why

This debate on search vs folder has been raging in the blogosphere for a few years now. Users are now used to both approaches, thanks to Windows Explorer and Google.  However few users understand how to fully utilize either or

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A week with a Playbook in Corporate America

It has been a week since I picked up my Playbook. Here is an update on how I used it, how well it performed, what worked and what didn’t. Thankfully, with my ADD and short attention span and lack of

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